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Pasture Prime Knife Giveaway

A Slicing Knife…you need one because?

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Some reluctant person always gets called upon to do the slicing at the Holiday table.  Whether it is Turkey, Lamb, Ham, or Roast Beef, most everyone shies aways from this high visibility job. Often times the results are lopsided, haphazard slices, causing all at the table to divert their glances and change the directions of […]

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Myths About Meat – Test Your IQ

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April Fools Day is just around the corner and we want to debunk some common misconceptions about the cooking of meat and poultry.  Some may be labeled as “wives tales,” but some may have come factual basis.  . Experts have debunked several common misconceptions.No more FOOLING AROUND, let’s see how you score 1. Searing meat […]

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10 Grilling Tips to become a PRO on the Grill

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1. Toss your ancient, outdated thermometer & buy an instant read digital model (or win one here @ Pasture Prime)                                                                         […]

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4th of July Giveaway! The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook!!

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Grass-fed meats and poultry are our business here at PasturePrime Wagyu. We’re pleased to bring you grass-fed products and love knowing that your home and family benefit from our farm. We do know that there can be a learning curve when cooking any grass-fed meats, so we like to write blog posts with cooking tips […]

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Have We Told You Lately That We Love You?

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 Pasture Prime Customer Appreciation Month! You make us who we are. We see you on Saturdays at the Brownwood Farmer’s Market. We interact with you online on our Facebook page and via emails. Your support is invaluable to us and we want to give you something in return. In May we are honoring YOU by […]

How To Cook Grass-Fed Meat

Top Ten Tips for Perfect Grilling of our Grass Fed Meats

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Your taste buds are in for a big treat when you grill up our sustainably raised meats from Pasture Prime.  While you pay a bit more for these meats, you can be assured that we are employing the most humane and planet-friendly methods of raising our animals as possible.  You will also be providing your […]

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Pasture Prime Grass Fed Wagyu & Family Farm…What’s New for 2016?

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Lots of Great News Coming your Way from your Friends here on our Family Farm. While the glory days of summer are sadly behind us….. our beautiful new pullets have “outdone” themselves with gorgeous brown eggs!!   HOT TOPICS: New Items – now offering a Premium Berkshire Pork Pack and a Large Combo Grass Fed […]


Grass-Fed Beef Cooking Tips – The Lucky 13!

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PATURE PRIME Grass-fed Wagyu Beef is lower fat and higher in protein than regular beef. It’s become a popular option for good reason, but some people are still learning the best ways to cook this healthier beef. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef. 1. AVOID OVERCOOKING Grass-fed beef […]


Name Our Smoker and Enter Our $96 Meat Thermometer Giveaway

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We need your help! Meet our smoker.  It sits nameless on our beautiful farm, waiting to become part of the family.  Please help us name it!  If we choose your suggested name, you will be the lucky winner in our thermometer giveaway. the name will be painted on our smoker (Itsy? Judy? Francis?  you decide) […]