Following a Paleo Diet? Are You A Cross-Fitter? We Have Pastured Meats For You

100% Grass-Fed Meats from Pasture Prime

If you are a subscriber of the increasingly popular Paleo diet, you know that one of the primary recommendations is to eat healthy fats, moderate animal proteins, moderate carbohydrates, and to make sure that your meat sources come only from 100% grass-fed and pastured animals (that are not finished on grains).

The Paleo diet has become especially popular with people who are members of Cross Fit gyms, or who are working out intensively. Hundreds of websites and online communities have been created to support those who subscribe to this diet and fitness regime, but people often have a hard time finding a good source of 100% grass-fed meats.

Our family’s sustainable farm believes in the principles that the Paleo diet subscribes to; namely, that pastured meats, animal fats from all-natural sources, and diets with reduced grain inputs are healthiest for us.

We are proud to offer a selection of humanely raised pastured meats on our website, in nearby farmers’ markets, and in to local chefs that we supply our meats to.

If you are looking for not only healthy, truly grass-fed meats for your Paleo lifestyle, but also really flavorful, delicious meats, than we’re your source! Our family’s 100% grass-fed meats come from heritage animals that we breed specifically for our natural Florida grasses and their superior meat quality. Our Wagyu beef cuts have superior marbling, and our Mangalitsa and Berkshire pork is prized for its flavor and unsaturated fat content.

For more information on Paleo diet recommendations, we recommend the website.

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