Berkshire Pork

All Natural, Berkshire Pork: The Pasture Prime Way

When industrial pig production began mass producing pork that grew fast on an all grain diet, they bred all the juiciness and flavor out, thats why our family decided to add the Berkshire Breed to our farm, and went on to chose the best Berkshire genetics available. True to our sustainable farm philosophy, this Berkshire pork is reared on an all-natural diet, and they’re given plenty of fresh air. They are never given artificial hormones or antibiotics.

Over the years we have made changes on the farm adapting to our ever changing world, late in 2019 we stopped raising pigs due to a fed different reasons. We are now supplied by  a Co-Op named Berkwood Farms, this is a Co-Op of small family farmers like ourselves who believe in the same humane and natural ways of raising livestock. Go to to check them out and see a profile for every farmer in their Co-Op, some of the farmers are 5th Generagtion Hog Farmers!

There are NEVER any growth promoters, antibiotics, byproducts, or fillers used!

To experience a phenomenal Berkshire pork meal yourself, click here to browse our Berkshire cuts. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. Contact us if you live outside of the U.S. and are interested in our products.