Non GMO Free Range Turkeys

turkey is baked in oven

Pasture Prime’s Free-Range Turkeys Are Truly a Rare Breed

At Pasture Prime, our family has selected a number of beautiful breeds to feature for your family’s enjoyment.  In fact, many breeds had nearly become extinct by 1990. These birds dominated because they grew quickly and produced a lot of meat. However, decades of breeding turkeys for fast-meat growth have forced commercial producers to confine them, as they are so top-heavy, they cannot mate on their own, they have  a hard time walking, and are very vulnerable to disease, due to a lack of genetic diversity. The meat can be dry and not terrifically flavorful.

Fortunately, we can now provide you with turkeys fed totally a GMO free diet from chicks to your table.  That gives us all so much greater peace of mind.

PREORDERS FOR THANKSGIVING 2021 will begin summer 2021!  You can make your $50 deposit then on the website – We will only have a limited number available!!

Free-Range Poultry that Tastes Juicy and Bursts with Flavor.

This Thanksgiving, if you order free-range turkey from our  flock, you just may skip the gravy and cranberry sauce. Few people have experienced truly flavorful and moist turkey meat, since the commercial breeds dominates the marketplace. We invite you to experience the rich, tender free-range poultry from our sustainable farm. Click here to see our selection. At this time, we are only shipping our poultry products within Florida.

Check out our upcoming blog for some great tips on making delicious stock and gravy.