Late-Summer Grilling!

Grass fed wagyu steaks

As summer wraps up, don’t let the last of the grilling season get away without ordering our Steak Variety Pack.

What’s in a Variety Pack, you ask? Get this:

Packs include at least one of each: Flat Iron, Top Sirloin, Picanha, plus any of the following – skirt, flank, or additional from above.

And to really get your mouth watering, here are some more descriptions of the steaks:

Flat Iron

Comes from the chuck or shoulder and has a rich, deep, beefy flavor making it a very tasty cut. Takes well to marinades and are excellent grilled.

Top Sirloin

Flavorful cut form the sirloin.Great marinated, grilled & sliced across the grain.


This is the cut you see carried on a sword at Brazilian restaurants. Learn more about this delicious steak.

Pre-Order Your Free-Range Heritage Turkeys for the Holidays!

With the back-to-school season in full-gear, it may seem like Thanksgiving and the holidays are months away, but here on our farm, we’re already preparing. Our free-range, unique heritage breed turkeys sell out quickly, so make sure and pre-order yours today. We feed these slow-growing birds an all-natural diet, and you’ll be amazed how juicy and rich their taste is, in comparison to commercially raised turkeys.

Pre-order your turkeys today. We require a $50 deposit. These birds are priced at $10/pound. Hens weigh approximately 7-9 pounds and the Toms are 10-16 pounds.

Thanks for supporting our family’s sustainable farm!

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