Best Words Ever? Pasture Prime BACON


Yes. It’s really here. Pasture Prime brown-sugar cured bacon from our free-range Berkshire pigs. It’s just in time for your Super Bowl party appetizer dishes (you know, like those bacon-stuffed mushrooms or bacon wrapped smokies), or for cold winter mornings when nothing beats hot, sizzling bacon and farm-fresh eggs.

Pasture Prime Berkshire bacon, freshly cured with brown sugar, is not your ordinary bacon – it has an unbelievable flavor, perfect marbling (save the drippings!), and is cut into thick, hearty slabs. Our free-range Berkshire pigs spend their days happily roaming around our family’s sustainable farm, rolling in mud, and making funny pig sounds. We feed them an all-natural diet of pure grains, and they forage on our healthy soil and pastures. At just $12.50 for a 1-pound pack, it will go quick! Order your bacon today!

Super Bowl BBQ Party Pack

The Super Bowl will be here on February 3rd, and if you’re like most Americans, you’ll be hosting a party or attending a party. To enliven your celebration – and make it a delicious one – we’ve assembled a Super Bowl BBQ Party pack. It includes:

  • 5 pounds of Wagyu Beef Ribs
  • 4 pounds of Mangalitsa Pork Ribs
  • 5 pounds of Wagyu Hamburger
  • 5 pounds of ground Mangalitsa pork


If you order our Super Bowl Party Pack, check out our finger-licking good recipe for Spicy Wagyu Beef Nachos, on the bottom of our beef recipes page. Just amazing!

All of these items can be purchased separately, but we’re offering a special price of just $125.00 for the full-pack. Order yours today!

Note: Limited Beef Supply

We’ve run into the unfortunate problem of being too popular! Our supply of halves and quarters of  our Wagyu beef will be somewhat limited until late-Spring early summer, so if you want to ensure that you’ll be notified once our supply picks up, please click on the “Notify me when product is available” tab. We’ll contact you when it’s ready!


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