The Best Types of Protein Sources for Weight Loss

Vitamin E Profile

If you are looking for a healthy way to shed weight, get more energy, and nourish your muscles (especially after a good workout!), protein is one of the best ways to help you feel your best and round-out your diet.

Numerous studies, including a recent one reported in the Journal of Nutrition, found that moderately high protein diets, around 0.73 grams of protein per pound of body weight, helped people lose weight faster and preserved muscle mass better than those who were on low-protein diets.

However, not all protein sources are created equal, so make sure that you’re getting the best-quality and maximum nutrition from your protein sources. So what do nutrition specialists recommend for high-quality protein sources? In the top list, poultry, pork, and lean beef are listed as top choices for a healthy diet.

However, before you go racing to just any grocery store to grab some chicken nuggets or pulled pork, take note – the quality of the animals matters just as much as the protein source itself. If you are what you eat, as the adage goes, make sure you’re getting your protein from animals that eat a 100% natural diet, are never given growth-hormones or antibiotics, and are able to forage and roam for a well-balanced diet.

Lucky for you, our family farm in Florida raises high-quality, healthy protein

When it comes to meat sources, how the animal is raised and what it eats is one of the most important determinants of the meat’s nutritional value. In fact, purely pasture-raised animals have up to four times more essential vitamins, such as vitamin E, as well as lower cholesterol and more omega-3s than animals raised in industrial settings.

In short, paying attention to where your protein comes from is just as important as what type of protein you choose if you’re going for maximum nutritional punch.

Our family’s sustainable farm in Summerfield, Florida exists to provide the tastiest, healthiest protein sources possible. For this reason, we humanely raise our 100% grass-fed Wagyu cattle, heritage pork, and free-range chickens in their natural environment, and we never administer growth-hormones or antibiotics. Our meat is as good as it gets when it comes to an outstanding source of protein!

And our meat tastes so good, Chefs from all over are scrambling for our high-quality products

In addition to raising meat that is healthier for you, our pastured animals produce meat that chefs from all over the country rave about. Why? Well, we choose select, heritage-breed animals that grow slower and are chosen for their meat quality (as opposed to factory breeds, which are selected for their ability to put on weight fast).

We are so proud that top chefs in Orlando and New York choose to source their meat directly from our farm, and we are even prouder that you, too, can provide your family with high-quality protein from our family’s ranch! We invite you to browse our full selection of pastured meats today.





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