February – Short but Sweet!!



February is an OUTSTANDING month to be in Florida.  If you should ever doubt that, just turn on the Weather Channel to see what is going on in other “weather challenged” parts of our country! Punxsutawney Phil saw HIS shadow, but it is bright and sunny in here on our familys’ farm.

Even though there are only 28 days this month, it is packed with fun, loving, exciting and “tasty” things happening.

Not only is the 14th Valentine’s Day, but also our own Noemi’s Birthday (she has been part of our “farm family” for over 17 years.) For those of you who don’t know, she is our “main chicken plucker.” She is the one responsible for getting all those pesky little pin feathers off of your wonderful pasture raised Heritage birds raised on a totally Non-GMO diet!  Possibly you would like treat your Valentine to a perfectly roasted one this year?

Or perhaps, you would rather celebrate with one of our Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Steaks or Delicious Pork roasts for your special someone? Just let us know if you would like us to help you select some fantastic new recipe. We are working on a “jazzy” new Recipe Grid which we will launch soon.

To cap the month off, we have our annual Southeastern Youth Fair here in Marion County beginning on February 21.  See the schedule of events here.  If you have never experienced a local youth fair we encourage you all to try to attend one of the activity packed days.  The event will renew your faith in the young people of our area and introduce you to their many and varied talents from sewing, cooking, animal raising, tractor driving, and rodeo competition.  You will be impressed with the magnitude of agriculture in our community.

Lamb Lovers will especially enjoy the Lamb Show as Pasture Prime Family Farm will be buying some of the prize winning lambs to bring to your table.  As this is only a seasonal offering, you will want to consider this as your only chance this year to purchase a whole or half lamb.  This is certainly not a huge commitment, as a half lamb will generate approximately 30# of luscious chops, leg, & ground lamb for your freezer.  We are taking preorders now for the next two weeks in order to determine how many we should buy from the 4-H & FFA exhibitors.  Remember, this serves two good causes: the youth of our area and the quality of your upcoming meals!!  Our Pasture Prime Family will only have a very limited number of chops & Ground lamb for sale individually.  Don’t miss out on this “once a year” opportunity.

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  1. Ricci Stafflinger says:

    What are they running per pound and about how many pounds are a half lamb? Also Husband has interviewed for a job in NC and we may be moving. Why cant you ship chickens out of state? We love your chickens!

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