It’s Going to Be an Amazing Year


Some of our best friends are Pigs. Not the rolling-around-in-the-mud kind (but, okay, yes, we love those, too) or the always-has-Doritos-crumbs-on-their-shirt-even-when-they-haven’t-even-been-eating-Doritos kind, but the Chinese zodiac kind.

In this case, “pigs” refers to those who were born during a Chinese zodiac Year of the Pig. The Chinese zodiac goes through a twelve year cycle, and each year is affiliated with one animal and their attributes. Horoscope animals include the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and last, but certainly not least—the pig. Not sure what your Chinese zodiac sign is? Go here, enter your birthday, and discover a whole new world of horoscope predictions.

What can Pigs, both famous and non-famous, expect from the year ahead?

Let’s start with some general Pig characteristics. Pigs are beautiful souls. They are generous, compassionate, and generally blessed with good fortune. Female Pigs are very social. They’re easygoing, trustworthy, and love a good party. Male Pigs tend to be very focused and goal-oriented, and while they may not be as social as their female counterparts or some of the other signs, they are kind, well-respected, and have loyal friends. However, this is not a LUCKY year for pigs.

Pigs have a lot of energy and should remember to take time to relax this year. Also, avoid the casino. This is not your year to play the slots, my friend. But maybe consider buying a lottery ticket? Lucky numbers for Pigs this year include 2, 5, and 8, and southeast and east are both auspicious directions for Pigs. So I’m not saying if you live in Florida, you HAVE to buy a lottery ticket this year…I’m just saying you can’t win if you don’t play.

Attending parties, such as weddings and family gatherings, will help attract good luck to you.

Happy events can also help ward off negative energy and bad luck, so any chance you have to get your party on—take it! Hosting a party? Try grilling up these amazingly juicy chops. And this party advice goes for everyone, not just Pigs. Spending time amongst family and friends is always a good choice.

While 2019 is well underway, the Chinese New Year is right on the horizon; the Year of the Pig officially starts February 5. Not sure how to celebrate? Try making pork dumplings. Chinese dumplings are a traditional choice for Chinese New Year’s Eve and are considered a lucky food. They’re also really fun to make. A quick Google search will yield tons of recipes to choose from, in varying levels of difficulty, but we happen to be partial to this one from Epicurious. Folding dumplings not your thing? Try these Asian Pork Meatballs from the Food Network. Both of these recipes call for ground pork, and you can order antibiotic-free, heritage breed ground pork right here.

However you choose to celebrate, we wish you all the luck and good fortune you can imagine in the year ahead. Cheers to a New Year! And welcome, Year of the Pig!

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