Bringing Home the Bacon…From Pasture Prime, of course!


Artisanal Bacon vs. Supermarket Bacon

While we can all probably agree, that there is probably no such thing as “terrible” bacon, there are some MAJOR differences.

Artisanal Bacon from Pasture Prime Family Farm takes time, hand labor & real smoke.

All bacon is made from pork bellies which are cut into slabs, cured, smoked & sliced.

The difference between mass produced bacon and that which we produce from our sustainably & humanely raised Berkshire pigs is like night and day.

You are asking …what goes on behind the scenes??

Super-Market Bacon Production:

  • comes from hogs produced on commercial factory farms (Most of those animals spend their lives in a controlled environment.)
  • frozen bellies from these animals are  thawed and then spun in metal drums to soften the meat
  • next the bellies are hung where they are filled with a wet cure solution
  • The meat is not actually smoked – liquid smoke & flavorings are merely added to the curing solution
  •  This entire process only takes a matter of hours.
  • Finally, the slabs are machine pressed into a uniform shape and packaged.

 True Hand Crafted, PASTURE PRIME BACON, bears no resemblance to the above.

  1. In stark contrast, our Pasture Prime bellies come from our Free Ranging Berkshire pigs who live in the woods right behind our barn here at our family farm.
  2. They have the opportunity to forage for roots, nuts & other goodies along with their supplemental feed.
  3. Of course, they have NEVER had any hormones or antibiotics.
  4.  Folks who tour our farm say their visit with the pigs is their favorite stop.
  5. Our Berkshire bellies are rubbed with a dry cure including Brown Sugar and Black Pepper.
  6. These bellies are not rushed and spend from 7-10 days covered with our Pasture Prime Special Recipe Dry cure.
  7. Next the bellies are slow smoked.
  8. The extended curing and smoking times aids in intensfying the already wonderful deep pork flavor, that the Berkshire pigs are noted for.
  9. As each of our pigs will be slightly different in size our artisanally produced bacon will have a more irregular shape than mass produced bacon which has been machine pressed into a standard shape.

We hope you will find our Pasture Prime Berkshire Brown Sugar Cured Bacon a great balance of sweet, salty, smoky and meaty.

Why not try our Pasture Prime Breakfast Combo, which gives you a 1 pound pack of our Brown Sugar Bacon along with a pack of our Breakfast Sausage links?  Only $20.  Of course, if you are coming to the Farmers Market in The Villages, be sure to add on a Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs and make it a “breakfast to remember!” Don’t forget to place your order online for easy pick-up at one of our Farmers Markets in THE VILLAGES!!

POST THANKSGIVING …and we are still giving thanks!!

Now that Thanksgiving is past, we want to make sure to say a Special Thanks to all our wonderful customers.  We truly appreciate your support and passing the word along to your family and friends.  You have made all of our hard work extremely rewarding.


Many of you have requested that we provide Spiral Cut Berkshire Hams. So always attempting to meet your needs here are the Hams. These Berkshire hams are truly special.  Several varieties are available; Applewood Smoked Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced, and 2 Boneless Hams; Black Forest and Applewood Smoked which are both Gluten Free, Uncured-Nitrate/Nitrite free and all fully cooked ready to be baked for a wonderful holiday dinner with family & friends.

We will be offering these to you on our website for a limited time.

If Ham isn’t your “cup of tea,” we have 2 lovely locally raised Lamb Legs available.

This will be a spectacular presentation to WOW your family & friends.  You will find a video featuring famous chef Thomas Keller that will give you some cooking tips as well.

What would Holiday Dinners be without a GREAT PIE???

Attention all Pie Bakers; we have that famous Mangalitsa Pure Lard.  Ruth Reichl, long time food critic for the New York Times, says her favorite crust is half butter and half Mangalitsa Lard.  Sent to you in handy 1 pound containers; dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe and BPA free.  Only $10.

Gift Certificates  & T Shirts – Great Last Minute Shopping

Select the amount ($75 minimum) , fill in your recipients information, and wait for the applause!! Gift Certificate click here.

OR, how about a PRAISE THE LARD T-Shirt??  Only $20 and shipping is included. Black Only in sizes S,M,L,XL, 2XL.


If all this wasn’t enough, we now have our Grass Fed Wagyu/Mangalitsa Pork Frankfurters back in stock.  Most of our Wagyu Beef Items are back in stock as well.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday, warm with good cheer and family gathered around.  Hoping for a healthful New Year with PEACE around the world.

Our Best,

The Siversons


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