The Pasture Prime Difference: Our Sustainable Family Farm


Our family’s farm, here in North Central Florida, has been run by our family for over 30 years. We are not an industrial farm, and we only sell our meat directly. Instead of going for high-volume, quick-growth in our animals, we allow our animals to slowly develop at their natural pace.

We believe that you are what you eat. Not sure about you, but for us, that means that we’d rather not consume hormones and antibiotics in a serving of meat. Our animals are never administered growth hormones, food additives, or given antibiotics. Instead, we nurture them on open pasture in a natural environment, which allows them to grow at a natural pace without the need for artificial stimulants or food additives. True, this means that our farm may not have the financial output as an industrial farm, but then, that’s not why we’re in this business.

Our sustainable farm philosophy

In addition to respecting our animals and raising them humanely, we take pride in being stewards of our environment. Our free-range farming methods mean that we give plenty of grazing land to our animals, and we practice rotational grazing methods to keep our soil healthy, our water pure, and the air clean.

Unique breeds—taste the difference!

Industrial farms have developed breeds that can survive in crowded conditions and are bred specifically for quick-growth. Often, this is at the expense of truly flavorful, tender meat. Here at Pasture Prime, we choose heritage breeds that are known for their superior flavor and texture. Our animals are adapted to a natural environment, in contrast to an industrial one, and they are bred to be hardy.

Chefs all around the nation rave about the quality of our Mangalitsa and Berkshire pork, heritage turkeys and chickens, and Wagyu beef. We invite you to try it for yourself!

Committed to transparency

Because we’re a family-run farm, we pride ourselves on our land, business model, and
animal husbandry practices. We invite you and your family to make an appointment for
a tour by sending us an email or calling Torm @ 352-266-9504, and see just how
carefully we respect our land, animals and the food we produce. Visit our website: to place an order.

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