Spring Lambs, Mangalitsa Pork (You’re Welcome)

Pasture Prime Lamb

Spring will be here before you know it, and to celebrate our favorite season, we’re pleased to offer, in very limited quantities, locally raised lamb at Pasture Prime. We’re happy to be partnering with, and supporting, local 4-H ers and FFA members who have raised and exhibited these lambs. It’s the first time that we’ve offered local lamb, and we’re excited to see how well you, our loyal customers, like it. If you are interested in purchasing our humanely raised local lamb, contact us – we’ll put you on a waiting list. Our lambs will be available in March.

Mangalitsa Pork Specials

We’re pleased to offer great deals on our Mangalitsa pork. In case you don’t know, renowned restaurants throughout the States are scrambling to get their hands on Mangalitsa pork. We’re one of the few farmers in the U.S. raising pastured Mangalitsa pork, and we’re so proud to offer it directly to you, our valued customers.

How Can Mangalitsa Pasture Raised Pork Taste So Different from More Conventional Pork Breeds?

Mangalitsa pigs are a classified “lard-type” breed. However, Mangalitsa pigs actually have more unsaturated fat (versus high levels of saturated fat) than conventionally bred pigs (classified as “meat-type pigs”). When cooked, Mangalitsa pork is exceptionally, juicy, tender, and marbled. Chefs rave about the meat and lard’s versatility—the lard can be whipped, and chefs don’t need to dress up the meat’s flavor with excess salt or spices. When cured, Mangalitsa meat makes unsurpassed hams, charcuterie, and salamis, due to the high monounsaturated fat content (versus high polyunsaturated fat in commercially produced pork).

Free Range Mangalitsa Pigs: The Pasture Prime Difference

True to our sustainable farm philosophy, we raise our Mangalitsa pigs on an all-natural diet. They’re free to roam in 20 acres of woods where they are able to find hickory nuts, roots, berries, insects and other tasty morsels.  Of course, they’re never injected with hormones or antibiotics or fed anything but all-natural feeds. You benefit from pork that has a healthier blend of fats, higher levels of oleic acids, and a product untainted by artificial additives.

Mangalitsa Pork Chops

We’re pleased to offer Mangalitsa pork chops, on special – just $32 for 2 lbs. (Priced down from $20/lb.) Our Mangalitsa pork chops are versatile in a variety of recipes, including stir fries, slow-cooker recipes, in kabobs, or on the grill. They’re the most amazing pork chops you’ll ever try. We promise. Order yours today.

Mangalitsa Pork Ribs

For another irresistible way to enjoy Mangalitsa pork, try our Mangalitsa pork ribs. We’re selling our pork ribs in 2 – 2.5 # packages for just $20. These won’t last long! Order yours today!




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