10 Grilling Tips to become a PRO on the Grill


1. Toss your ancient, outdated thermometer & buy an instant read digital model (or win one here @ Pasture Prime)

                                                                                                                   (See details in upcoming LABOR DAY NEWSLETTER)  

       (This eliminates scorching your arm hair while waiting for a reading)


        – Create a GRILL CADDY with all your tools so you don’t have to “traipse” in & out of the house

        – Check the propane level in your tank (if using gas), what a bummer to run out in the middle of your incredible meal

        – Clean grate with wire brush right before the food goes on

3. PRE-HEAT your grill to a nice steady heat prior to placing your meat on to cook, 10-15 minutes. No matter which grill you use.


4. DO NOT OVERCROWD your grill grate, allowing space to move your food around to dodge flame flare ups.


5. THINK THIN when cooking hamburger patties.

         Keep them 1/2 inch thick & 5 inches across to maximize surface area for flavor and allowing you to cook quickly & evenly without drying out.

6. SPATULA OR TONGS are the tools of choice for flipping, turning & testing.

        Poking your meats with a fork punctures and lets those amazing juices escape which dries out your product & causes flame flare ups.

7. Ever hear of REVERSE GRILL ??- works great with cuts over an inch.  Here is the technique for the perfect medium rare steak

       Cook over indirect or lower heat until meat is below target temp by about 10 degrees (about 120), using your fancy new meat thermometer, then brown QUICKLY over direct or higher heat just before serving to your delighted diners!!!

8. PATIENCE is your numero uno virtue when displaying your grilling skills!!

        Slow down and enjoy life, grab a cool beverage and chat with your family & friends while they watch you perform!!

9. BAR B Q SAUCE should only be added near the very end of cooking, as most contain some sugar which can burn. 

      Check out Torm’s Awesome Bar B Sauce just posted in our recipe section 


10. LAST But DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, for the juiciest pork chops you will need to avoid the dry, white commercial pork found at your local grocery.  You will need to “spring” for the best chops around like Pasture Prime’s Berkshire Rosy Pink Beauties. 

        The streaks of fat (which commercial pork has effectively bred out of the animals) helps the chops stay moist & delicious.  Still, AVOID Overcooking the new guidelines specify remove from heat @ 130-135 and allow to rest to 145.

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