In Celebration of Rain, Free-Range Lamb and Pork Specials

Free range berkshire pigs from Pasture Prime


Nearby to our family’s sustainable farm, Pasture Prime, is a large retirement community, The Villages. We asked the good folks over there if they wouldn’t mind doing a few rain dances for us, because it’s been an unusually dry spring here. Well, their dancing worked! In the last week, we received 2.5 inches of rain.


Here on our farm in North Central Florida, we depend on the rain to help keep our pastures watered and keep our feed growing. When it’s dry for extended periods, it delays the growth time of our animals, so to honor our new rains, we’re pleased to offer some exclusive specials, just for you!


Lamb Specials from our 4-H and FFA Lambs

We still have some of our amazingly tender and flavorful 4-H and FFH lamb for sale, but it won’t last long! We’re offering premium chops, legs, racks, shoulder chops, and a shoulder roast. (Contact us to order this amazing lamb.) I recently cooked up the roast a few nights ago for a family birthday celebration, and it simply blew everyone away. My secret? Rub on some Herbs de Provence and kosher salt, then sear on all sides. Roast at 325 covered with foil for 3-4 hours, and you will have yourself some amazing, free-range, healthy lamb. You can sear it easily in a cast iron skillet – this is our go-to tool for cooking everything from hamburgers to steaks.

Berkshire Ham Specials

In addition to our lamb specials, in honor of our now watered and greener pastures, we’re offering cured and smoked Berkshire hams, from our 100% all-natural, truly range-grown heritage Berkshire pigs. Don’t miss out on this delicious pork!

Happy spring, and keep up the rain dances!

The Siverson Family



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