A Slicing Knife…you need one because?

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Some reluctant person always gets called upon to do the slicing at the Holiday table.  Whether it is Turkey, Lamb, Ham, or Roast Beef, most everyone shies aways from this high visibility job.

Often times the results are lopsided, haphazard slices, causing all at the table to divert their glances and change the directions of the conversation.  



The right knife can change all that!

Here is the complete story:

  • When a knife breaks the surface of the meat, it cuts through muscle fibers and connective tissue which are bundled together like strands of twisted plastic covered telephone wire.
  • Knife design determines if these splits are clean or uneven.
  • Weight, sharpness, length and shape are all critical features to create thin uniform slices
  • There are a myriad of choices ranging in price from $19 -$199.
  • We are going to cut though the choices and tell you what we have found.
Carving roast leg of lamb joint on a wooden board

Not the perfect knife…TOO pointed on end

Here is what we have found after cooking over 180 pounds meat
  1. LENGTH – and extra long blade can slice through large cuts of meat in one easy glide.  We find 12″to be the perfect length 
  2. EDGE – A Granton edge has small oval scallops carved out of both sides of the blade, these are touted for their nonstick qualities but also allow for thinner cuts without sacrificing the weight and stability of the upper part of the blade.
  3. FLEXIBILITY – was a key factor, as overly stiff blades were too “clunky” to make thin slices and overly flexible knives wobbled on big cuts of meat. A balance between the two was perfect.
  4. WEIGHT – Knives above 6 ounces tended to be the most stable, maintaining a straight path and requiring less effort navigating thick cuts.  Lightweight knives felt flimsy and almost toylike.  However, the way the weight was balanced made all the difference.  Blade-heavy knives with light handles felt as cumbersome as meat cleavers.
  5. TAPERING – the thickness of the blade needs to narrow from the handle to the tip and the tip also should be rounded rather than pointed.  Tapering is the key factor in precision, control and responsiveness.


Pasture Prime Knife GiveawayThe knife our lucky winner will receive was tops in all these categories and should provide a lifetime of perfect slicing!!


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