Whole and Half Free-Range Pasture Prime Chickens Are Here!


Summer is in full-swing here at our sustainable family farm, and we’re pleased to announce that we now have Pasture Prime half and whole-chickens available.* These delicious heritage birds are raised according to strict Label Rouge methods, which dictate that the birds are raised with ample room, forage on a natural diet, and are raised longer than conventionally raised poultry.

Raising chickens with these strict standards takes longer, but the results are well-worth it. We promise you that our Pasture Prime chickens are like nothing you’ve ever tried before – tender, incredibly flavorful, and juicy. You’ll never want to eat a commercially produced chicken again after you experience Pasture Prime chicken.

Just how important is the quality of the chicken for the tastiness of the dish? Don’t take it only from us! This month, Bon Appetit, published their list for making chicken a success and their top suggestion reads:

“BUY A GOOD BIRD!” Quality chickens are more delicious. Look for those that are antibiotic-free, and extra points for going local …”

This is where our amazing pastured, Heritage Red Ranger birds come in. Tender, juicy, sustainably and humanely raised outdoors on our family farm in Central Florida. Order 2 of our gorgeous birds now and invite the neighbors over!

*Please note that we can only ship our chickens within Florida.

Half-Birds – a new cut from Pasture Prime

For the first time, we are now offering half-chickens. We highly recommend grilling these smaller cuts on the grill, as skin-on, bone-in meat stays much more moist and flavorful on your BBQ.

A great way to grill these birds is to use the “chicken under a brick” technique. By using this clever method, the weight of the brick helps you keep the bird flat, resulting in more uniform cooking and the creation of crispy skin. If you don’t have any bricks at home, you can purchase one from any home improvement store. Simply wrap it in foil before sticking on the grill.

Recipes and tips from the farm to ensure a delicious chicken

Our chickens are so delicious, naturally, because of their healthy diet and the ample space and time they have to grow, you don’t need to do much to the meat to enjoy a terrific chicken meal. However, if you’re looking to “spice things up,” try this recipe for burn-free BBQ sauce.

If you are using our WHOLE birds, and you haven’t tried Beer Can Chicken, you are really missing out. If you want to keep it simple, we love this simple rub  — it’s super easy to remember, and the ingredients are most always available in your kitchen.

Preparing your grill – simple tips to ensure your chicken cooks evenly

For amazing chicken, the first step, as we’ve covered, is to source the right type of chicken. The second step is to make sure you cook the chicken properly. One of the best ways to help you cook your chicken “just right” is to set up your grill properly. Here are some easy suggestions to ensure your success:

  • Scrape your grill before cooking
  • Use indirect heat when cooking larger pieces; i.e. half chickens
  • Wipe the grate using tongs with a paper towel lightly dipped in oil
  • Use your thermometer! For poultry, cook the chicken to 160-165 degrees and then let it rest
  • Make sure not to overcook the chicken.

For a “Prep School” on grilling, check out this link from Bon Appetit.

Order your Pasture Prime heritage chickens and half chickens today!

And don’t forget about Pasture Prime Grass-Fed Wagyu beef …

We haven’t forgotten about our wonderful Grass Fed Wagyu Beef, even though the chickens are taking top billing this month.

Now that the rains have come and our grass is once again lush, the cows are happy and growing fast. We will have our one-quarter and one-half Wagyu Beef shares available through the summer. Make your deposit today, and you’ll be able to fill your freezer with our amazing beef.



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