Sausage Launch! Delicious Berkshire Sausage from our Sustainable Farm


Welcome to Spring! Most people celebrate this beautiful season with picnics, grilling, and trips to the beach (if you happen to live in a coastal state). Well, for our family, we celebrate Spring by making 100% all-natural Berkshire Sausage from our family farm’s sustainably raised pigs. We offer three spice mixtures to choose from: Italian, Breakfast, and Mexican Chorizo. They come in convenient 1# packages, so that you can crumble the sausage into a sauce, throw it in eggs, or make patties. Our introductory price of just $7.00 per pound or $20/ for 3 packages (1 of each flavor), won’t last long! Order your Pasture Prime Berkshire Sausage today!

Milk-Fed Red Ranger Chickens Back in Stock!

One of our family’s favorite parts of the Spring season are the babies! We’ve got all sorts of chicks running around, and we now have milk-fed Red Ranger chickens back in stock . If you’d like to order some, order your milk-fed chickens today (we can only ship poultry within Florida—sorry!), as these delicious, tender truly free-range, pasture raised birds are extremely popular with local restaurants.
Our Free-Range Chickens — Just Why do they Taste So Good?
At Pasture Prime, our free-range chickens certainly do taste better because they’re raised on open-pasture and develop muscle naturally through exercise, but equally important are two additional steps we take with our chickens: We don’t rush their natural growth, so we let them grow much longer than conventionally farmed birds, and we use older breeds that are adapted to the outdoors and require more feed for growth. The result is a chicken with incredible, natural flavor and texture. Additionally, because we never administer hormones or antibiotics, or put additives in the feed, you can be assured that our chickens are good for you, as well. We encourage you to read about our unique free-range chicken methodology, which we’ve modeled after the French method, Label Rouge.

Spring Special: Berkshire Pork Chops

We’re pleased to offer a Pork Chop Pack, which comes from our all-natural, humanely raised Berkshire pigs. The 5# package includes a variety of cuts, and we’re selling them for just $50/pack.

Come See us at Your Local Florida Farmers’ Markets

If you’re a Florida local, you can find us at the Wildwood Farmers’ Market on most Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. If you’d like to order any of our family’s sustainable meat products, just give Torm a call by Friday, and he’ll have your selections prepared for you to pick up at the market. You can reach Torm at 352-266-9504, or by email at

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