We welcome you to schedule an appointment to come by to purchase products at our farm store. See our truly unique Wagyu cattle, Mangalitsa pigs, Berkshire pigs, free-range chickens, and free-range turkeys.

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  1. Cheryl glass says:

    We live in south Florida and are interested in changing all of our meat to grass fed. We will be in leesburg on Saturday which a bit close to you? Could we come by and shop?

    We leave leesburg around 9am. How far are you? Thanks.

  2. Ray Pinheiro says:

    I’m interested in trying your beef and chicken but the 30# variety pack is too much to start. Can I buy a smaller amount to try it out? I’m nearby in The Villages so I could come over any time.

  3. kim White says:

    Spoke to you a few months back about visiting your farm. We would like to plan this for this saturday if possible.
    We would also like to pick up a selection of meats as well, thanks so much have a great day. Kim White

  4. andrea brueckner says:

    My 10 yer old daughter and I live in Belleview, I would like to come see your farm and inquire about purchasing your products. I am so very excited and happy to have found you. I hope you don’t mind questions. I enjoy early appts before noon if you would have that availability. 10:00 would be great. :0 245 2925

  5. Erika Maier says:

    Hello, we heard about you from David Strawn and he highly recommends your pork. We are interested in ordering a whole pig and also chicken. We live in Indian Harbour Beach but could come pick up. We are new to the process of buying meat this way, but look forward to hearing more from you about how to proceed. Thank you for your time. Erika Maier

  6. Annette MontBlanc says:

    Is it possible to make an appointment for the Farm Store for tomorrow? Saturday 8/24
    Do I have to place an order before hand?
    Is the beef frozen or fresh?

  7. Kathy Gregory says:

    Would like to purchase a sample package of meats. Tried to find your place today but failed

  8. Marilyn says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Don’t know if you got a response on this yet.

    We dry age our Wagyu from 7-10 Days.

    Let me know if I can help you further.

    Thanks for your interest in our products.


  9. Rick says:

    Can we visit Saturday?

  10. Do you sell boneless chicken breast, boneless turkey breast? Could you please tell me how much a pound, if you do. Could you please let me know what I can expect to pay for a 12 lb turkey breast, bone in or out? Would you have them for Thanksgiving? I am interested in filling my freezer with meats and poultry and am attempting to get an idea of the cost. Thank you very much. Where are you in relation to Inverness, FL? Again, thank you.

  11. Danny Hayes says:

    I bought a couple of steaks and picked them up on Saturday at Brownwood (I think that was the name of it)
    I met Mr. Severson and had a great discussion with him.
    Unfortunately I did not do well with my first set of steaks. I found cooking instructions online and they said sear on each side for 45 seconds and then put in 400degree oven for 4 minutes on each side. I think 2 on each side would have been plenty.
    But, I am not writing to complain, it was clearly my fault for not getting instructions when I had the expert right in front of me.
    What I really wanted to know was what is the name of the running shoes we talked about.
    The Horrible Hundred ride I told you about lived up to its name once again. Maybe next year you can join us for the ride.

    I will get some more steaks soon.

    Best regards,
    Danny Hayes

  12. Ryan says:

    I was wondering how much it would be to purchase a half hog, or if that is an option…I am wanting it for christmas this year…If you could let me know if this is a possibility I would appreciate it

  13. Marilyn says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks so much for your email and harrowing story. We would be happy to donate a $75. Pasture Prime Wagyu Family Farm Gift certificate for your benefit. Having an ill child is the most heart rending thing imaginable. My son had a brain tumor which mainfested itself @ age 13 after showing signs of seizures at school. I can only partially appreciate your struggle as he had surgery as has returned to a normal life with a baby son of his own.



  14. tiffany says:

    In searching for organic products close to home, I found out I drive passed a local farm weekly and never even realized it!!!! Could not be more excited right now to find you! I recently had my gallbladder removed after three years of pain without knowing what was wrong. I have been trying to educate myself on organic eating and how to live an overall more healthy life style. I would love to come by in the next week or two and check it out and buy some things.

    • Marilyn says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Please excuse the belated reply, but summer has really kept us hopping.

      The easiest way to get our products is to visit us on Saturdays at the FArmers Market in The Villages, FL. from 9-1.

      Coming to the farm is a bit more of a problem due to the fact that we are “way off the beaten path” and you would need to make an appointment and get directions.

      Being a family run farm we never know where our chores will take us each day.
      There is also an Organic Farmer in Pedro, right off Hwy 42 & 475 named Fernando. He has a wonderful supply of produce that might work well for you.

      Let me know if I can help you further. If you decide to come to the Farmers Market, you can make your order online and we will have it for you to pick up.



  15. Thomas says:

    I am a chef at a local restaurant in the villages. I have been curious for a long time about butchering and meat fabrication. I even tried to do some free work at another local butcher shop but we couldn’t work anything out. I saw one of your trucks today on 466 and thought I’d give it a try. Even if you aren’t accepting free work I’d like to talk with you and the owner of the restaurant I work at and see if we could make a sort of company “field trip” of it to come visit your farm and see how some of the butchering gets done. Thanks! -Thomas

  16. Serenity Stanfield says:

    Good Morning,
    We would live to come by and check out your farm and buy meat. Does July 12 around 3 work?

    Serenity Stanfield

    • Marilyn says:

      Hello, I am sorry that I have missed your question. Our website has been going through an upgrade. Please set up an appointment to come by the farm for purchasing if you are in our area. We are also @ the Farmers Market @ Brownwood in The Villages, FL> EVERY Saturday.

  17. Sandra Esquierdo says:

    I would love to come by and visit and make a purchase would also lkke to know if you have tours please let me know thank you!!!

    • Marilyn says:

      Thank you for your contact. On farm purchasing is by appointment as we are only 2 working. We have a tour usually in the fall. Sign up for our newsletter and you can receive updates.

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