Some clarification on our all-new Berkshire Pork Cutlets


NEW ITEM: PORK CUTLETS After an AMAZING response, we wanted to give you further information on our Pork Cutlets, which are cut from the ham on our Berkshire pigs. The cutlets have a particularly robust flavor, as the ham is a lean muscle with less fat than other cuts.

To prepare:

Pound to 1/4 inches thick and pan sautee or bread and fry. They make as especially tasty and quick dinner. They can also be done “Piccata style” with lemon and capers for a delicious and elegant meal. Right now, these cutlets are on sale at just $8/lb

Sirloin cutlets … coming soon!

We will SOON be offering pork cutlets cut from the SIRLOIN at a slightly higher price of $10/ lb. More to come about the sirloin cuts soon!

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