Our Second-Favorite Farmer! Coming to Florida … Joel Salatin


Joel Salatin, a pioneer for farming how it used to be, is coming to Orlando on April 18th to speak. If you’ve never heard Joel Salatin speak, or you don’t know who he is, then you’re in for a treat.

Around here, on our sustainable family farm, we revere Joel Salatin. In fact, he’s our second-favorite farmer. (Torm, who runs our farm here, is the first). Salatin has managed to revitalize a huge back-to-basics farming movement across the U.S., and he’s an extremely engaging, riveting speaker.

We highly recommend his latest book, “Folks this Ain’t Normal.” It’s a highly practical, informative look about how to improve farming across the U.S., household-by-household. Even for you city dwellers, Salatins’ advice will offer you some wisdom that will forever change how you eat and live.

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