Ever wonder what a PORK BUTT is?


Sometimes we really have to scratch our heads trying to decipher “what is in a name?”

The story is…that a Pork Butt really comes from the front leg of a pig.  While this seems to make no sense, butchers tell us that the name “pork butt” comes from the wooden barrels, called butts, in which the shoulders of pigs were once packed.  Due to the fact that this term was originally coined in Boston, the proud folks of that town claimed the name as their own.  The butt is cut from the upper half of the leg, while the bottom portion is referred to as the picnic roast (and that is a story for another day).  

Both of these cuts work equally well in most all recipes for pork shoulder.   Now you might be asking yourself, what about the pig’s actual butt? Well folks, that would be the ham.  Hopefully, your confusion has lifted, and now you are knowledgable on all things pork butt. So how about some Pasture Prime Berkshire bargains and some awesome recipes?

We have some simple, hands off recipes for the tenderest pork to ever pass your lips.  These no fuss offerings give you multiple variations to please your palate, make enough for a crowd, or leave you with some great left overs that keep and freeze well.

The basics are; a spice rub, a crockpot, and 6-10 hours to spend on your favorite pastime, (other than time spent in the kitchen cooking).  Possibly, a few holes of golf or a good book.  We will give you all the instructions you need.  Here is the best part, we will even get you the Slow Cooker in our latest giveaway contest.  A beautiful, highly rated, programmable Cuisinart 3.5 Quart SLOW COOKER model with a removable ceramic pot can be yours. This is great for storing or taking to your next pot luck supper.   


Pulled Pork Recipes:

SUPER SIMPLE – Easiest one step Crock Pot method.  Check out our recipe: Pasture Prime Berkshire Pulled Pork

EASY – Two Step method Crusty version (mimics smoke flavor). Take a look at: Cheater Smoked Pulled Pork






Boston Butt




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