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Bacon Berkshire- Canadian Style

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Beautiful, artisan Canadian bacon, cured & smoked right here on our family’s farm.

Berkshire Pork Shanks

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ON SALE NOW!  Meaty & juicy.  Perfect in your Insta-Pot or slow cooker.


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NOW on SALE! 4-1 LB. of our 4 of our ”customer favorite sausages.” The Price on This COMBO can’t be beat! Taste them all and find your favorite!!


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INTRO ONLY 33% OFF Flavorful, and quick cooking heritage Berkshire Pork Tenderloin. This is the MOST TENDER cut on the hog. These normally sell for $25-$30 per pound, but we are introducing these now 2 Lbs. – 2 Tenderloins


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NEW FALL SPECIAL! 4-1 LB. of our 4 of our ”customer favorite sausages.” The Price on This COMBO can’t be beat! Taste them all and find your favorite!!


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Cap Off Summer with this Incredible SPECIAL! 5 Lbs. of our famous Center Cut Berkshire Pork Chops, plus, 2 packs of Wagyu/Berkshire “Dogs,” 1 Lb. of our Great New Summer Sausage and 1 LB. of our Ready to Eat Pulled Pork. This COMBO can’t be beat!


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What could be easier than throwing these juicy, delicious sausages on the grill?? Bring the buns and your favorite toppings and VOILA, the 4th of July party has begun! We are topping this off with our “ready to eat” Pulled Pork.

Buy One/Get One – Pork Loin Roast

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First Time Ever that we have offered a Buy One/Get One.  Don’t miss out on this limited offering. First Come First Served/No Rain Checks!!

Holiday SALES

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It is a TRIFECTA of sales. Bacon, Bones & Short Ribs. If your favorite is here, stock up NOW.  Don’t forget your holiday turkey!

HOT DOG Season Is Here!!

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Get out the grill for our amazing Grass Fed Wagyu & Berkshire Pork Gourmet Dogs.  Kids are out of school and summer is here.  Remember, the 3 pack is discounted!!  Back In Stock…until they fly away again. Try ANDOUILLE also

Corned Beef – ON SUPER SALE $39.95

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If you missed out @ St Patty’s Day, we’ve got you covered with this “call us CRAZY” sale.  Think of the terrific sandwiches you can make after you have savored dinner!  Remember all the hours Torm put in curing these beauties!!  Comes with recipe and spice mix. 4 Lbs. of that healthful Grass Fed Wagyu Brisket.

Ever wonder what a PORK BUTT is?

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Sometimes we really have to scratch our heads trying to decipher “what is in a name?”

The story is…that a Pork Butt really comes from the front leg of a pig.  While this seems to make no sense, butchers tell us that the name “pork butt” comes from the wooden barrels, called butts, in which the shoulders of pigs were once packed.  Due to the fact that this term was originally coined in Boston, the proud folks of that town claimed the name as their own.  The butt is cut from the upper half of the leg, while the bottom portion is referred to as the picnic roast (and that is a story for another day).  

Both of these cuts work equally well in most all recipes for pork shoulder.   Now you might be asking yourself, what about the pig’s actual butt? Well folks, that would be the ham.  Hopefully, your confusion has lifted, and now you are knowledgable on all things pork butt. So how about some Pasture Prime Berkshire bargains and some awesome recipes?

We have some simple, hands off recipes for the tenderest pork to ever pass your lips.  These no fuss offerings give you multiple variations to please your palate, make enough for a crowd, or leave you with some great left overs that keep and freeze well.

The basics are; a spice rub, a crockpot, and 6-10 hours to spend on your favorite pastime, (other than time spent in the kitchen cooking).  Possibly, a few holes of golf or a good book.  We will give you all the instructions you need.  Here is the best part, we will even get you the Slow Cooker in our latest giveaway contest.  A beautiful, highly rated, programmable Cuisinart 3.5 Quart SLOW COOKER model with a removable ceramic pot can be yours. This is great for storing or taking to your next pot luck supper.   


Pulled Pork Recipes:

SUPER SIMPLE – Easiest one step Crock Pot method.  Check out our recipe: Pasture Prime Berkshire Pulled Pork

EASY – Two Step method Crusty version (mimics smoke flavor). Take a look at: Cheater Smoked Pulled Pork






Boston Butt




Berkshire Bargain – 20% Off Superbowl Special

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In order to celebrate the big game and our great customers, we are offering this Super Special on our Berkshire Ground Pork.  Check out our Berkshire recipes below for some delicious options for game day and beyond!

Grass Fed Wagyu Beef 25# Fall Special – 15% Off

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Healthy Hamburgers galore, along with hundreds of great fast & delicious recipes!   Pasture Prime makes it easy…just pull a pack of our Top Selling ground from the frig and…dinner is served!!  The only thing better is our 50# SPECIAL @ 25% Off – That’s $100 off!!

Berkshire Boston Butts on SALE…$19.95

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Torm says “move these beauties…I need the Freezer Space”  Luck is with you until these sell out.  Under $5 per pound…Crazy!!!

You Asked For IT!!! You Got It! NON GMO Chicken Breasts

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Skinless, boneless breasts from our free range NON GMO fed chickens.  Ready for all your recipes with full flavor and juiciness.  Watch for a favorite of ours soon.  Fast, easy & HEALTHFUL!!

2 Hots & 2 Brats – Happy 4th of July Special

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4 Pounds of juicy treats to celebrate the 4th on Special for just $35. Keep all your guests and family happy…choose their favorite.

Grass Fed Wagyu London Broil Limited Time SALE!

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GRILLERS REJOICE!  The perfect cut for your summer Bar B Q grilling…now Bargain Priced @ $15.95.  These won’t last long once the Farm Manager finds out we put these on sale while he was on vacation:))

NEW! Berkshire 27# Premium Variety Pack

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Samples of our amazing pasture pork, juicy, full of flavor and now ON SALE!  How about one for your “favorite cook” for Valentine’s Day?

LIMITED TIME SALE!! Berkshire Pork Loin Roast

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Looking for an JUICY & extra flavorful meal…why not try these beautiful, juicy bone-in Berkshire Pork Loin Roasts.  Will make your family & guests smile along with your “pocketbook” with this limited price reduction.

Whole Turkey Breasts – NON GMO

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By Customer Request! When White meat Lovers and Small Families Asked, we responded! 10-12# Bone-In Breasts.

Turkey Comedian!

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While our turkeys are trying to stay out of the limelight…we thought you should know that all birds over 25 lbs. are capped at the 25# price.  We have several 26-29#, will serve ALL the relatives with some to take home.  

SUMMER SPECIAL!! Small Berkshire Roasts

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Super Succulent, simple & “crock pot” easy.  Pulled pork, tacos, “sloppy joes,” the list never ends. Multiple sizes, almost for FREE!

Wagyu Gourmet Hot Dogs

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 Summer isn’t Summer without a great Hot Dog on the Grill.

Grass Fed Wagyu Beef & Mangalitsa Pork make for a mouth watering treat.

Ham, Lamb, & Other Great STUFF!

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Lots of Options for your Easter Holiday or Family Feast!

Try our Berkshire Boston Butt Halves, Back in Stock NOW.

Wagyu Corned Beef

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Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, a wonderful Corned Beef from our Grass Fed Wagyu.

Farm Fresh Eggs

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There is really nothing quite like them!! Order yours ahead for pick up @ Brownwood Farmers Market.

Holiday Hams are Here!

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Don’t miss out on these fabulous Black Forest Hams.  Berkshire Applewood Smoked, Uncured, fully cooked and ready to impress friends and family.


Grass Fed Wagyu Hamburger SPECIAL

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Our freezer is bursting with lots of terrific Grass Fed Wagyu Burger.  The cows “chowed down” on this summers grass.  Now YOU get the benefit of this bonanza! 10# for $80.

Grass Fed Wagyu Fajita Pack – NEW ITEM

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Try this pack of skirt & flank steaks to make some great Fajitas or try our recipe for Philly Cheesesteaks.  These both make quick and delicious meals.

National Hot Dog Month 2014

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Our Gourmet Hot Dogs, a combo of Grass Fed Wagyu, Berkshire & Mangalitsa Pork…on sale.

Ribs & Dogs for An All American 4th

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So many choices for Feasting on the 4th.  Most of them include everybody’s favorite…PORK!!  We have special prices on a Bar B Q Pack and both Hot DogsBerkshire Ribs individually.  Also, Berkshire Picnics are super for pulled pork sandwiches or filling tacos to grab-and-go!!

Spring Chicken Bargain 4 for $72

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These really are “SPRING CHICKENS.”   Fresh, without all those additives that you find at the grocery!  Treat your family to several tasty & healthful meals. These are all over 4# each.

Berkshire Spareribs – SPRING SALE!

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These are always in demand, but we need “freezer space,” take advantage NOW.  Only $27.50 per pack.

Berkshire Boston Butts

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Back in Stock!  We have Berkshire Boston Butts – Whole or Halves … ready for your table.  These are amazing right out of your slow cooker for those rainy, cool evenings.

Applewood Smoked Boneless Hams Fully Cooked

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We are excited to be offering these terrific boneless hams for the holidays. No Nitrates or Nitrites and Gluten Free. We only have a limited number so order soon. They are all approximately 8-9# for $70. Check out the two varieties: Applewood Smoked Pit Ham & Black Forest.  Great for your family gatherings with lots of wonderful left-overs and ham sandwiches!

Holiday Hams – 3 Types to Choose From

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Special Offering due to customer demand!!  We now have 3 types of  Fully Cooked Smoked Hams for your Holiday Dinners. Our two Boneless hams are; The Black Forest and Applewood Smoked Ham and which are both uncured, no nitrates or nitrites. The Spiral Sliced Applewood Smoked Ham is everyone’s favorite. Sale Priced @ $70 each.

Breakfast Special On Sale Now!

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Pasture Prime Breakfast Special Sale!  ONE STOP SHOP!

Start your day right with a healthy FARM FRESH breakfast. We’re offering our combo BACON/Breakfast Sausage for only $20. One Pound each of Brown Sugar Cured Bacon and Breakfast Sausage , PLUS  If you visit us at the Farmers Market you may want to throw in some Fresh Eggs…well, better not “throw them.”

One stop shop for Breakfast.  Bacon, Sausage & Eggs…fresh from our family farm.  Helps to start your day with a SMILE.

HOT DOGS! Grass Fed Wagyu & Berkshire/Mangalitsa Combination

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These are truly unique and special.  Oscar Meyer never had anything like this.  Try some today and see why our family is so excited to offer these to you. Of course, Gluten free, no MSG, just our sustainably and humanely raised meats.

Pasture Prime Beef 101

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In honor of back-to-school, we’d like to offer a crash course on beef: the various cuts, and how to cook and prepare the different cuts for optimal flavor. At Pasture Prime, we sell humanely raised, 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef directly to you, our customers, and we believe in utilizing all of the cuts of beef available, which means that we offer some cuts you may not be as familiar with.

Customers often ask us how to cook and prepare the various cuts of our Wagyu grass-fed beef, and since we sell our beef online, we figured this blog can serve as a “virtual butcher” – a little chat on the best way to prepare our delicious, completely natural grass-fed beef.

In conjunction with an article from Edible Orlando, here are some helpful tips for navigating the various cuts of beef:

Beef Basics

Here are the basics:

  • Beef is muscle
  • There are over 70 different cuts with a variety of names
  • Naming the cuts generally is based on how the muscle was sectioned
  • Cooking methods depend on how much work the muscle did in the daily life of the cow
  • The cuts break down, on the simplest level, into two divisions:

Front (chuck) & Back (round) 

  • These are the heavily used muscles with lots of connective tissue
  • These cook well with Slow/Moist heat, allowing connective tissue to dissolve, which creates a wonderful flavor profile. (Perfect in a Crock Pot!)
  • Leaving bones in adds to flavor
  • Pasture Prime Grass fed Wagyu cuts from this section would include Chuck Roast and Ultra-Lean Hamburger

Middle Sections (Rib and Loin)

  • Cuts from this section are generally more tender and expensive
  • These cuts do not involve hard-working muscles
  • They have a somewhat milder flavor
  • Can be cooked with dry heat including: grilling, roasting, broiling or pan-frying
  • Our grass fed Wagyu cuts from this section would include: rib-eye steaks, tenderloin, NY strip steaks, back ribs


Keep checking back for ongoing lessons on grass-fed beef cuts that you can find for sale from our sustainable family farm. We are only filling in as “substitute teachers” for your local butcher, but we are easy graders! Remember, 100% grass-fed beef is brain food. Read all about the health benefits of grass-fed beef.

We are now taking deposits for Quarters and Halves for late summer early fall delivery.  Make sure you “get in line” now, if you are interested!

Shop for our 100% Wagyu grass-fed beef >

NEW!! Half Chickens

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We now have Split Chickens available for those customers who were looking for smaller portions.  2 plus pounds for $12. or 2 for $21. Perfect for the grill. Check out our recipes.

Lamb Riblet Special

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Tasty and economical Lamb Riblets. Slow cook in the oven for a flavor filled meal or finger food for entertaining. Just $8 for approximately 1.5 lb packages or $22 for 3 packages. Use our recipe for Glazed Lamb Ribs from the New York Times:

New Sausage Varieties

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We have two new sausage types to unveil.  Italian – while we call it”sweet” that refers not to actual sweetness but rather the absence of heat. Our Mexican Chorizo will fill the bill if you are looking for something a bit spicier but definitely not overwheming.  Both are only $8.95 in 1 pound package of links.  Let us know which is your favorite.

Grass-Fed Wagyu Steaks for Your Valentine: MUCH Better than Flowers

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Are you looking to knock the socks off of your Valentine this February 14th? If so, we’ve got the deal for you: A mouthwatering dinner, featuring our very own Pasture Prime 100% grass-fed Wagyu steaks. We’re offering a special on two New York strip steaks for just $32.00 (that’s less expensive than roses, these days, in case you’re wondering).

Just why will these steaks impress your sweetheart, you ask? Well, for one, they come from a genuine family farm – all of these beautiful Wagyu cattle are lovingly raised by our family, the Siversons, in beautiful Summerfield, Florida. That’s called “knowing your farmer,” folks. It will impress your beloved.

Second, Wagyu are a premium cattle breed, prized the world-over for the superior marbling, incredible tenderness, and deep, rich flavor (Wagyu are the breed used for Kobe beef, in case you didn’t know.) Our grass-fed Wagyu are never sent to feedlots or fattened with unhealthy corn. They live out their lives eating delicious Florida grass on our farm. Bottom line? Your Valentine’s taste buds will be in love.

And finally, show your Valentine you truly care – about her/his health – and the environment. Over dinner, you can explain the health benefits of grass-fed Wagyu beef, as well as pepper the conversation with how our method of humanely raising grass-fed beef is much better for the environment. Guess what? You’ll win with this dinner.

Order your grass-fed Wagyu steaks for your Valentine today!

Recipe suggestions and cooking methods for our grass-fed Wagyu >


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Grass Fed Wagyu Back Ribs

Everyone loves a good rib to chew on! These are not only full of flavor, but also offer a great Omega 3 profile. Try some today.

LIMITED TIME Special Price of $30 for 5 pounds

Grass-Fed Beef Brisket

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Holiday Special! Our Wagyu Brisket priced at $12 per pound. Perfect for your family gatherings.

Berkshire Fresh Pork Sausage

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WEB LAUNCH SPECIAL 4 Varieties of Delicious Sausage. Try one pound of each to choose your favorite and save over regular price. $32. Breakfast, Italian, Mexican Chorizo and Bratwurst!

Our family is celebrating the recent launch of our new website by making 100% all-natural Berkshire Sausage from our family farm’s sustainably raised pigs. We offer four taste tempting varieties to choose from: Italian, Breakfast, Mexican Chorizo and Bratwurst. They come in convenient 1# packages, so that you can use the sausage in a sauce, throw it in eggs, or just savor them by themselves. Our introductory price of just $32 will give you one pound of each variety. This special won’t last long! Order your Pasture Prime Berkshire Sausage today!

Wagyu Beef Short Ribs

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WEB LAUNCH SPECIAL Meaty, delicious Wagyu short ribs. Perfect to braise and cook ahead.

Wagyu Back Ribs

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Back ribs from our famous, tender and delicious 100% grass fed Wagyu. These are a real bargain at $6/lb.