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Grass-Fed Wagyu Steaks for Your Valentine: MUCH Better than Flowers

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Are you looking to knock the socks off of your Valentine this February 14th? If so, we’ve got the deal for you: A mouthwatering dinner, featuring our very own Pasture Prime 100% grass-fed Wagyu steaks. We’re offering a special on two New York strip steaks for just $32.00 (that’s less expensive than roses, these days, in case you’re wondering).

Just why will these steaks impress your sweetheart, you ask? Well, for one, they come from a genuine family farm – all of these beautiful Wagyu cattle are lovingly raised by our family, the Siversons, in beautiful Summerfield, Florida. That’s called “knowing your farmer,” folks. It will impress your beloved.

Second, Wagyu are a premium cattle breed, prized the world-over for the superior marbling, incredible tenderness, and deep, rich flavor (Wagyu are the breed used for Kobe beef, in case you didn’t know.) Our grass-fed Wagyu are never sent to feedlots or fattened with unhealthy corn. They live out their lives eating delicious Florida grass on our farm. Bottom line? Your Valentine’s taste buds will be in love.

And finally, show your Valentine you truly care – about her/his health – and the environment. Over dinner, you can explain the health benefits of grass-fed Wagyu beef, as well as pepper the conversation with how our method of humanely raising grass-fed beef is much better for the environment. Guess what? You’ll win with this dinner.

Order your grass-fed Wagyu steaks for your Valentine today!

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