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Grass-Fed Beef Brisket

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Holiday Special! Our Wagyu Brisket priced at $12 per pound. Perfect for your family gatherings.

Berkshire Fresh Pork Sausage

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WEB LAUNCH SPECIAL 4 Varieties of Delicious Sausage. Try one pound of each to choose your favorite and save over regular price. $32. Breakfast, Italian, Mexican Chorizo and Bratwurst!

Our family is celebrating the recent launch of our new website by making 100% all-natural Berkshire Sausage from our family farm’s sustainably raised pigs. We offer four taste tempting varieties to choose from: Italian, Breakfast, Mexican Chorizo and Bratwurst. They come in convenient 1# packages, so that you can use the sausage in a sauce, throw it in eggs, or just savor them by themselves. Our introductory price of just $32 will give you one pound of each variety. This special won’t last long! Order your Pasture Prime Berkshire Sausage today!